The Beauty Behind henna flower designs

Indian henna designs, also referred to as Mehndi, are especially significant for Indian women, although people of other cultures and nationalities incorporate the intricate designs of the tattoos into their celebrations as well. Henna is highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability eliminate infection and impurities and soothe the stomach. The fragrant white blooms of the henna plant are even used to make perfume. Henna tattoos are created in a number of shapes and symbols, and many Indian women prefer henna flower designs for the feminine, delicate look of the tattoos.


It takes a very steady hand to apply the henna tattoos correctly. In previous years, the henna paste was applied to the skin with a matchstick for precision. These days, henna can be purchased in the form of a cone and a small opening can be made at the point of the cone so that intricate designs can be created on the skin.

Indian women receive henna tattoos most often for their weddings. There are some salons, particularly in India, that offer henna tattoo services for weddings, or for Indian festivals like Diwali. However, in many cases, henna girls, or young women who are skilled in the art of henna application, will come to the woman’s home to apply Indian henna designs. To prepare for a wedding, henna flower designs are often drawn on the bride’s hands or feet. About three days before a woman gets married, it is customary for her to invite all her female family members to her home for a mehndi ceremony. All the women get their hands and feet decorated with henna tattoos, but the bride’s tattoos are the most detailed. The images seen in the tattoo often include flora designs, as a symbol of fertility. Most Indian brides aspire to start a family with their husbands, and want their children to be healthy and happy. Of course, the bride can also choose from other designs to include in her detailed tattoos. For instance, the peacock is also a sign of fertility, as well as love and good fortune. Images of flower buds are an indication of the new life that the bride is about to embark upon, and a sign that love will flourish and grow in her marriage. Applying henna to the bride-to-be’s skin is supposed to bring her good fortune as a new wife.

After the henna is applied, the bride has a chance to relax with her family and to get sound advice about marriage before making this important step in life. The Mehndi ceremony is also a time of enjoyment and bonding, and is similar to a bachelorette party that would be held for a bride-to-be in the Western world.

Another tradition associated with henna tattoos is that the groom’s initials are often painted on the bride among the rest of her tattooed floral or animal designs. The groom must find his initials, or he has to purchase a gift for the bride. It is also an Indian more that the bride’s mother-in-law will love her more the darker the bride’s henna tattoos are. Indian culture indicates that the new bride is not expected to help with the household duties until her henna tattoos have faded completely.

These are just some of the reasons henna tattoos are so significant. Of course, women who are not Indian can also receive henna tattoos to appreciate their beauty and significance.

Before Choosing Tattoo Ideas, Consider…

So you?re planning to get inked. But before you even decide to get tattooed, there are important things that must be carefully considered before you jump into the tattoo artist?s shop and pick the best tattoo ideas that you think will suit you.

Having a tattoo is permanent, almost. Thus, this is a major decision that one must consider really seriously to avoid regrets in the near future. In fact, there are numerous cases of people who spent a lot of money just to erase and get rid of their tattoos at all cost.

Consider your options

Since a tattoo is a permanent thing, you need to ask yourself if you?re willing to have that body art for the rest of your life. If you answer yes, don?t proceed to the tattoo shop yet. You need to at least reconsider your options in life. If you?re up to the art itself, why not try it on different temporary alternatives?

Today, there are plenty of alternatives to permanent tattoo such as henna or Mehndi tattoo. If you?re comfortable with the feeling of having a permanent body art for the rest of your life, then go on.

Consider your plans

tattoodoc When I say plans, I mean long-term future plans. It?s not that having a tattoo will limit your opportunities outright. But one way or another, this may have an impact on your plans in the future and in your future endeavors.

We can?t deny that there are some companies and industry itself that shy away people with tattoos. Also, there are some professions that may not look good to people with excessive and obvious body tattoo.

If you?re planning to pursue a career in medicine or any helping profession, you might want to rethink your plan of having a permanent tattoo. But if you?re ready for all the consequences, you can now proceed to choosing the right tattoo ideas for you.

Arabic Mehndi Design ? An Overview

For enthusiasts and even for just plain curious onlookers alike, mehndi designs can be quite an interesting topic in the world of tattoos. We see tattoo designs on a regular basis but mehndi designs aren’t like the typical tattoos that you get to see all the time. These designs are achieved through using henna, a plant that is used to produce paste that tints the skin. Considering that mehndi is rooted from tradition, these designs are usually intricate in nature and will always be timeless and are used to symbolize something significant for its bearer. Mehndi designs have been around for centuries and have originated in the Middle East. It was around the 12th century when Arabic muslims introduced henna and mehndi to India. Mehndi is a widely popular art form in many countries found around the region. There are Indian, African, Sudanese and even Pakistani tattoo designs for mehndi. One of the more popular designs for this art of henna tattoo would be forms of Arabic mehndi design.

The term Henna has its origins from the Arabic term Al-Hinna. Different parts of the plant are crushed and ground into powder. The preparation of the dye continues by mixing the powder with hot water. Henna also serves as a cooling agent especially considering that it originally is from regions with warmer climates. Typically, mehndi designs come in geometrical and floral patterns and are applied on different parts of the body. Mehndi designs come in a variety of forms, depending on the region in question. These designs are used to represent a certain aspect of culture such as wisdom, good health and enlightenment. In addition, mehndi designs are also commonly associated with special occasions. Such festivities include weddings, circumcisions and other religious ceremonies. If what you are looking for is an Arabic mehndi design, then you can usually distinguish it with its large floral patterns. Compared to other mehndi designs, Arabic designs are much less complicated. For instance, Indian mehndi designs are consisted of more intricate patterns and cover a larger portion of the hands, feet, shins and forearms. Moreover, as a tradition, women have their hands and feet decorated with mehndi designs for their wedding ceremonies. The same may also be the case for men but the designs laid on them aren’t as complex compared to that of the bride?s. In applying these designs, the bride?s friends who also happen to be women usually assist one another to decorate the bride?s hands and feet for the occasion. For the tattoo to last longer, the paste is usually kept on the skin for several hours. The dye on the skin only stains the outer layer and typically wouldn’t cause any harm to the bearer.  The paste appears to be black but the tattoo that it leaves on the skin usually ends up having a reddish or brownish tinge. To achieve a darker stain, some additional ingredients may be added to the paste but this may cause skin irritation. The tattoo usually lasts for several weeks on the skin. The stain resulting from it is natural and doesn’t easily wear off when rinsed or rubbed off with water.

It is no wonder how mehndi designs have gained recognition and has reached more parts of the globe. From the Middle East, it has found its way to the West. Aside from being attractive and appealing, they are representative of something deeper which make them distinct from other tattoo designs. Even though they might be used primarily for aesthetics to some at present, the interesting history and tradition of mehndi won?t be separated from this art form.

Amazing Tattoos: A Documentary in Russian Prison Tattoo Culture

In this documentary, you will know how tattoos play a role in Russian society particularly inside its over-crowded prisons. Here, prisoners all have tattoos and each tattoo signifies something. Amazing tattoos are indeed not limited to colorful patterns and designs that most youth today are fond of.

To most Russian prisoners, tattooing is a sacred tradition that everyone must go through no matter what. This documentary also demonstrated that the definition of Amazing Tattoos are not limited to its colors and intricate pattern. It’s more than that.

Highlight of the documentary:

-Tattoos play a vital role in every society and culture. Even inside the confines of the Russian prisons, tattooing is a major part of their culture that without it, everything will be chaotic.

-Tattoos are more than some piece of art that one can freely put on any part of his body. For the Russian prisoners, it is a sacred tradition within their society that every design signifies someone’s rank in that society.

-How the Russian Prisoners view tattooing as an art and how it affects their life inside the prison.

Tattoo Designs For Men: An Art To Display Masculinity

When it comes to tattooing, men specifically love it more than women do. In fact, there are certain tattoo designs for men designed solely for men. There are tons of tattoo for men out there that you can choose from, different designs have different edges over the other.

Men in particular love tattoos and having them on different part of their body. Different men have varying preferences when it comes to tattooing and different styles. But what?s common among men in terms of their choice of tattoo design is they kind of have the same pattern when choosing which style they choose over the other.

A very interesting arm tattoo design for men which features a skeleton rock star holding a microphone.


A nice tattoo design for men which will enhance every man's slender and masculine back area.


This particular tattoo style is ideal for men with broader shoulder. It will emphasize their masculine and wide shoulder.



Display of masculinity

Most men get tattoos to display their masculinity and to show to the world how tough they are and that they want to say to the world, at least through their choice of tattoos that they are real men.

Here are some cool tattoo designs for men that are now available from different tattoo centers across the country. In this video, you can see that one thing is common among all the designs and that is the masculinity of the design patterns that are on the designs.


Why People Should Avoid Black Henna

Over the past years, news about the negative effects of black henna has been going around. Thus, confusion on what this kind of skin art is all about is increasing.      

People have become more conscious about it and the potential danger and health hazard it would cause. Just to clarify things, the typical and usual henna tattoo is very different from the dreaded black one. In principle, this type of tattoo shares some commonalities with the typical henna but the former is seriously dangerous.

Typical henna

It is very important for people to take note of that ordinary henna is 100% safe because it comes from natural sources and is made of safe raw materials. It is made from the dried leaves of a plant called henna and then pulverized and mixed with water.

The paste material that has been generated by combining the pulverized henna leaves, will serve as the main dye or coloring material that is being used in henna tattoos.

The dreaded ?black? henna

 From the material stand-point, the material composition of the dreaded black henna is very different to that of the ordinary henna. It is actually made up of a very harmful chemical called p-phenylenediamine (PPD).

One defining characteristic of this kind of henna dye is its ability to resemble a permanent coloring effect similar to that of a regular tattoo. Its chemical composition also gives its fast drying property and seemingly permanent look.

Causes allergic reaction

Over the years, numerous number of people using this type of temporary tattoo reported worst skin allergies that in some cases would lead to death if not properly attended. The PPD contains a specific compound that irritates the outermost layer of the skin and can progress into a more severe skin condition.

Common skin conditions caused by the ?black? henna

Itchy skin





Permanent scarring

Permanent scarring

Choosing The Right Rangoli Design For Special Events

Many people find making a specific Rangoli design. But before you pick the right design for you, choose among our collection of cool and creative designs that will surely bring out the creative side of you.

In this website, we offer you wide range of designs that can fit different people with varying personalities. You can search through the slides to know which design appeal to you the most.

Things to know:

Before you begin and make the Rangoli design that you like, you need to take note of the important things and concepts behind Rangoli as an art and how it evolved. Apart from the Rangoli?s concept, its different types and its importance to modern society is another aspect that people must consider.

In some cultures, the Rangoli, is not only a simple art. It is a very important part in celebrating and welcoming a festive event particularly in India.

Basic Rangoli Designs:

Blue Rangoli

rangoli1 This is a common type of Yugadi/Gudhi Padva design. This type of Rangoli is often found in most houses in India to welcome New Year.



This design is used by people in India to celebrate Diwali-the festival of lights. It features some creative carvings and adorned with heart-shaped lights with diyas. It symbolizes that despite life’s oddness, brighter days are coming.

 Peacock Rangoli


The peacock rangoli is perfect for events such as birthday and anniversaries. Behind its simple design is a very attractive and intricate details that will surely catch attention of many individuals. Unlike any other rangoli designs, where you are limited to some pre-set color combinations, in this design, one can create as many designs out of the main design.

Homely Rangoli

rangoli4 In this particular type of design, one can mix and match the different designs and create a new and unique design. This design basically comprise of colorful designs.

Common types or Designs of Rangoli:

  • Free hand
  • Dots
  • Flower
  • Ganesh

Henna designs for kids

Kids love art, glitter and drawing, particularly on their body. Quite often when they see an adult having a henna tattoo applied you can pretty much guarantee that they will want one of their own. There are some fantastic henna designs for kids so that they don?t feel left out!


There is a pretty good chance that any child will not want to sit for hours on end while they are getting a henna tattoo. It is best to keep the designs much more simple so that your child will not get impatient and give up half way through the process.

Flowers, swirls and polka dots are usually one of the more popular designs for kids, particularly the younger children. They are easy to draw, possible to do at home, and don?t take a long time to apply. Delicate butterflies are also another favorite for the little ones.

Henna designs for kids are becoming a really popular choice for birthday parties. Mehndi sleepovers, birthday parties and any other celebrations are a good time to either buy stencil kits, which are now widely available or, as some people have done, hire a professional to come in and glam up the kids. Either way there are plenty of options out there, depending on if you are brave enough to let the kids do it themselves or not.

It is extremely important to be sure children are not allergic to henna, as this can cause a reaction in some children. Most importantly of all NEVER use anything called black henna! Natural henna is a deep reddish brown and this is the only color that it comes in, and it is never black. ?Black henna? is a paste that contains PPD, which is an additive that is known to be extremely dangerous to the skin. There have been some real horror stories surrounding the use of this, so steer clear of it. This should never be considered for an adult, let alone a small child?s delicate skin.

There are not many kids, especially girls who don?t love lots of color, which is why mehndi with bling is now a popular choice. This can be anything from sparkles, crystals or lots of glitter which makes the artwork even more attractive for kids. It is something that they will love to show off to their friends and chances are that they will keep still during application as they begin to see their new artwork come to life.

When kids want to get a henna tattoo done, let them use their own ideas for designs and let their imaginations run wild. The whole thing is meant to be fun and who knows, you may end up with a great new design as well.

Henna designs for hands

Hands are a part of the body which are on show all of the time. Not everybody is blessed with naturally beautiful hands, with long fingers and perfect nails, this is where henna designs for hands can make a difference.


Henna is something that you can adorn your hands with and give you a traditional and at the same time stylish look. For a person who would like a more contemporary henna tattoo on their hands, then Arabic mehndi is ideal. It is a mix of traditional while at the same time incorporating a modern look, using a more linear design with a lot more space in between the pattern.

It is often suggested that if your natural nails are less than perfect, a set of acrylic nails can be applied. This is so that the design of your menhndi is displayed well and it looks the best it can possibly be.


Henna tattoos are an increasingly popular form of body art in the western world and can often be seen on celebrities, as well as members of the general population. When people are considering a tattoo, particularly on their hand where it is highly visible, mehndi is an ideal option. It is not permanent, there is no pain involved and if you do decide that you don?t like the design, you can get rid of it and try out another one until you find a pattern that you like.


Most commonly, henna designs for hands are used for celebrations and weddings on the Indian sub continent. They are usually very intricately designed and can incorporate a variety of patterns. If you look closely at an the design on the hands of an Indian bride, you will find the name of the bride and groom interwoven in there. There is a lot of meaning that goes into mehndi designs for a bride, and it is said that the darker the color of the henna, the longer and happier the marriage will be. The fact that a deeper henna also means that the bride will be treated well by her mother in law, and that as long as she has the stain on her hands she will not need to do any housework at all, is a good reason for any new bride to aim for the darkest stain possible.


For anybody wanting a henna tattoo on their hands, it is advisable to get somebody else to do it for you, especially the first few times, as you want it to look it?s best. For those brave enough to try applying their artwork by themselves, there are stencils and henna kits available. At least if you get it done professionally, you can be sure that your very first henna design will look stunning and the end result is something that you are proud to show off.

Henna designs for feet

Henna designs for feet are an extremely beautiful and exotic adornment to the female body symbolizing a point of divine contact, where a human being and the earth meet. When you are choosing to get a henna tattoo or mehndi on your feet be sure to choose carefully as there are so many beautiful designs out there that you want to be sure that it is something that you love.

The soles of the feet are a good place to have a henna design because the skin is thicker enabling a rich deep burgundy color and will stand out. Because these parts of the body contain less melanin, the surfaces react much better to mendhi being applied.


Different regions and countries have henna tattoos but there are quite a few differences between them. Arabic mehndi for the feet has bold lines, much more abstract and is a lot less dense and defined with spaces between the designs. They tend to feature larger floral designs. They are much less complex than henna tattoos from India or Pakistan.

Indian mehndi designs are more delicate, intricate and quite often involve paisley, lines and dots, making them a much more intricate design. More often than not they include peacocks or elephants and smaller floral designs.


Henna designs for feet can be totally different from the ones that are applied to the hands. There are no hard and fast rules, just personal preference. Quite often you will see women with mehndi designs going from the tips of their toes right up the shin of their leg creating the illusion of wearing stockings.

It is reasonably common in the western world for women to get tattoos; and being able to test out a pattern by using henna, and deciding if you would like it on your foot permanently is a big plus. Because there is no pain involved in getting a mehndi tattoo, it enables people who would like a permanent tattoo to play around with any designs that they like, knowing that they will come off in time. Tattoos on the feet area are quite painful so before you go decide to go ahead and make it permanent mehndi is the perfect option.


As their popularity rises, there are more and more henna tattoo artists around who are willing to give you advise on what would look the best for you, Be warned, if you want an intricate, larger design on your feet, be prepared to sit for hours while it is completed and then for longer while it dries. No doubt though, that the result will be well worth it.